Ok, Best Shot at names...........here goes

from Left to right
Furthest to the left in back is John McQue, to his front is John Phillips, next front is Phil Rosenberg
to the back peaking around white head is I dunno
White head is Dave Steggerda, in the back to the right of Steggerda is Ron Palfrey

Upfront holding flag is Pat McAllister, to his right is Fred Gilpin, to his right is Clyde Snyder, to his right holding flag is Me, Marc Robo Robinson

can't see the guy in back but next face to right is Dennis Barr, next holding flag is Kim "Fug" Raseman, next is Ben Franklin, next Holding flag is John Guth
Next in back is I believe Joel Lundy, next to flag is Bill Edwards, next in Back is Ron Tipton...face in back hidden..next face is John "soup" Campbell, then holding flag is John "tman"Trask next in back is Tom "jace" Knepp next is Jim "mossy" Mossman next is Brian "muttonchops" Dexter, next is Johnny Gregory and last but not least our 2007 reunion Host just his face showing is Gerald Cornforth........

Reunion Photographs