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Big ASA 335th Radio Research Company
Larry Rinaldo Di An Pic's
9th Infantry
Back Button Updated: 14 February 2001

Photo's courtesy of Larry Rinaldo

Di An Company Area, Christmas 1969, looking towards the Mess Hall. Shudder, if anyone gives
me another roast beef sandwich, I swear I'll kill them. Remember the Mess Hall line? NO,
not the one leading into the Mess Hall, but the line leading where we did the Di An "two-step"
to the shitter. Damn those Malaria pills, or at least we blamed the "two-step" on them, who knows
it could have been the food. And, remember those those lovely Gamma Globulin shots, to protect
us from the latest food poisoning outbreak. Talk about a war-zone, the food was its own war zone.