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Big ASA 335th Radio Research Company
Larry Rinaldo Di An Pic's
9th Infantry
Back Button Updated: 14 February 2001

Photo's courtesy of Larry Rinaldo

Repair Specialists Rinaldo (TTY) and Jansen (Crypto) -- keepers of the Di An Comm Center
to ensure it kept humming like a well oiled machine, if not we were the ones who pulled
our hair out, or had some assistance from PVT D, who would get the TTY's going with a
good swift kick. Notice NEW GUY Rinaldo's "green" fatigues, and OLD GUY's faded ones?
You didn't f**k with the older guys, regardless of whether you liked a Topcon Camera or not.
NOTE: A successful MECH was one who sported a damn fine mustache, once grown all was OK.