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Chrissy's Sky Dive - 08/27/2005
Sky Dive the Ranch, Gardiner, NY


ground1.jpg (334471 bytes)
Oh look, Federal Express works here!!
Walking to the plane with my instructor, Kevin.
OK, Here we GO!!
JUMPING from 13,500 feet!!!
I believe the words were, "OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!"
Hey MOM, look at me, NO HANDS!!
Is this FUN, OR WHAT!
Blowing you a KISS!
What a view, like my hat??
Pull the cord at 5,000 feet.
Ready Kevin???
Time to Pull the Cord!!
This really hurts your butt. Don't try this at home.
My certificate for jumping out of "a perfectly good plane" 2.5 miles from the earth's surface. Horray!!!

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