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The Rinaldo's -- Apple Picking Adventure -- Fall 2000

So Jason says, "Look at that beauty, yeah,
that one up at the top!!  I'm gonna
climb up there and get me an apple."
Oops, "No problem Dad, everything is OK." 
Somehow I don't think they ever showed this
submariner the recover from a slip maneuver
on an apple tree during BESS.   "I'm fine dad,
really...damn apple, bumpasses  $&*()#%"

I guess he showed that apple.  "Hey Dad,
didn't think I could do it hmmm, I showed
that apple who's the boss was didn't I?!"
Doug says, "Hey Gilligan....quit posing,
you wanna pose? Try this pose."

Doug says, "Climbing an apple tree is easy,
I dunno what his problem is, I got this
apple without any trouble."
All the while the Rinaldo HONCHO
is shouting, "Look this way and
SMILE pretty for the camera."

HEY, why is DAD carrying the goods,
when there are two strapping lads to help??
Is there something wrong with this picture??
Meanwhile the voice from behind is snickering,
"Are you showing me your best side guys."