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Back Button Updated: 10 February 2001

Tay Ninh Temple

Photo courtesy of Richard Hargrove

All seeing eye globe. This is one of the only color pictures I have of the inside
of the Temple {seems a girl(?) in Saigon saw the pictures and asked if she could
have them. Well you know easy me and besides, I have the negative around here
somewhere.}. This is the side of the All Seeing Eye's globe. The inside of the
Temple is full of bright colors (as you can see).

When prayer sessions begin, first the dignitaries and disciples associate each
other with the proper greeting. They salute each other if there is more than one
worshiper. The left hand represents the positive logos (Yang). On the left hand,
the thumb is tucked into the palm, pointing at the base of the third finger from
the thumb. The remaining fingers are then folded over the thumb. The right hand
then covers the left, with each finger covering the corresponding finger of the
left hand, and with the right thumb covering the hole made by the left thumb.
The hands are gently held loosely together and not in a fist. They are held up to
the chest, and then the believers' bow to each other. According to their rank, the
followers take different positions in front of the altar.