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Big ASA 335th Radio Research Company
Photo's of USS Geiger
9th Infantry
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Photo courtesy of Samuel D. Carlson

I was checking out the 335th Site and saw your photo of the USS Geiger. Here is another. My father went to Korea in 1947 on the USS Geiger, and I crossed the Atlantic on it in 1954.

My dad was an Infantry officer, but did have one ASA assignment from 1960 to '62 with the 12th ASA Field Station in Chitose. Me? Nope...not ASA, I started as an infantryman, then defected to MI as a CI puke...My cousin Marc Robinson is the lone ASA wiener in the family, but we forgive him for that.

A note from Bill Row: My outfit (not the 335th) took a ride on the USS Geiger out of California on or about 12 Jan 67. Thought your guys would like to know what happened to her.
Class/Design P2-S1-DN3 (V-2000) President Adams (Third)
Built 1952 by New York Shipbuilding Co., Camden, New Jersey. Hull No. 486. O/N never documented LOA=533'9", LBP=499'6", B=73'3", D=48'11", Draft=27'2" Displacement=17,600 LT, Deadweight=6,898 LT, Gross tonnage=13,319 Cargo capacity: 570,000 CuFt., Passengers: 228, Speed=19 knots Machinery: Single screw, geared steam turbine, 13,700 HP. Two B&W WT boilers. Requisitioned by the Navy while under construction and completed as a troop transport. Renamed U.S.S. GEIGER (T-AP 197). Transferred to the Maritime Administration on April 27, 1971 and laid up. Loaned to Massachusetts Maritime Academy 1980 and renamed BAY STATE. Following a serious fire vessel was scrapped in 1983.

USS Geiger in 1965 on her way to Viet Nam.

Side view of the USS Geiger.