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Big ASA 335th Radio Research Company
Photo's of Can Tho Area
9th Infantry
Back Button Updated: 28 August 1999

Photo's courtesy of Don Sutherland

Remember the fire
next to the Hotel??
Well, so much for
the fire and building.
Fire in full swing
20 mm cannon shells exploding.
Another view of the Fire.
Local traffic jammed
due to the fire.
Rear view from the Hotel
remember this place???
Ben Ze Moi Market
GI you likee fish?
Anyone for Fresh Fish?
Ben Ze Moi Market
July 1970
you take my picture
I steal your watch.
Lovely Can Tho River. Vietnamese Navel Boat
on the Can Tho River
Official Army Taxi
arriving the convertible
to the bunker
15 minutes.
Is this Steve Sewell??
now why is he smiling
he must be new?
in Chau Duc Province
October 1970
with Mt Nui Sam
in background.
Mt Nui Sam.
Mt Nui Sam. Lantana growing
around sunken bath
ruins of French
on Nui Sam
From a CIA plane
somewhere between
Cambodia and Can Tho.
Your "Official"
Taxi awaits.
Air Force
bird dogs
at Chau Duc.
"Hey little Cobra"
looking for a
Can Tho player?
M151 van used
at Nui Sam
brought from
Davis Station
by Don Sutherland.
Is this ours?
or is it regular army?
racing down the
Can Tho field.
Wreckage of a
booby trapped Huey
do you remember?
Downtown Can Tho. Banyon Tree in
Can Tho City.
Someplace in
Can Tho City
look familiar?
Someplace in
Can Tho City
do you remember?
Downtown Can Tho
jog any memories?
Now why are
these ARVN
tail gating?
Quick, turn here!
The handsome one
is the Cobra
the ugly one is Don.