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Big ASA 335th Radio Research Company
1969 Duty Roster
9th Infantry

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1969 Company Personnel Duty Roster

Courtesy of Marc "Robo" Robinson

Last First Rank MOS DEROS
Aldinger Ruben D. Sp4 05H 10/69
Anderson David G. Sp4 98G 08/69
Anderson John Sp5 31J 10/69
Anderson John K. Sp5 98G 01/70
Arant William T. Sp4 05H 10/69
Armijo Diego Sp5 76C 08/69
Armstrong John L. Sp4 05H 06/69
Bakke Richard L. Sp5 05H 06/69
Ballard Lee D. Sp4 32J 07/69
Barr Dennis J. Sp4 05GD? 10/69
Bertetto Paul Sp4 05H 06/69
Bivens Ronald D. Sp5 05H 07/69
Blackwood Norman E. SFC 05H 09/69
Blauser Terry E. Sp4 35G?E? 01/70
Bonfanti Richard A. Sp4 05H 10/69
Bostic Kellis P. Sp4 05H 07/69
Bowerman Rand D. Sp5 98C 08/69
Bradley Ralph L. Sp4 05G 12/69
Brain George A. Sp4 94B 05/69
Brown Stephen M. PFC 05C 03/70
Bruno Richard Sp4 05H 06/69
Bryant Lorenzo K. Sp4 05H 10/69
Bryan Jack L. 1SG 98Z 10/69
Bryson Dan M Sp4 52B 09/69
Busse David L Sp5 98C 06/69
Cairnie Raymond Sp5 05G 05/69
Caldwell Sanford Sp4 94B 06/69
Cantrell Douglas Sp4 98C 08/69
Cassalia Patrick J. Sp4 05C 08/69
Cathell Samuel Sp4 05C 09/69
Cato Francis L. left 03/69
Coffey Ray E. Sp6 05H 10/69
Collins Jack H. Jr. Sp4 05G 06/69
Conn Robert A. Sp4 52B 09/69
Conroy Vincent Sp4 98G 10/69
Conti Charles T. Sp4 05C 06/69
Coulter James F. Sp4 05H 07/69
Crane Thomas Sp4 98G left 05/26/69
Crow William L. Sp4 05H 10/69
Dadisman Thomas A. Sp4 72B 10/69
Deckard Richard Sp4 98C 08/69
Dekan Daniel P. Sp5 98G 08/69
Dickson Ralph W. Sp4 98C 08/69
Dines Larry V. Sp4 98C 08/69
Dobbs Robert L. Sp4 05H 06/69
Dodd James L.Jr. Sp4 05H 06/69
Eckert David C. PFC 05C 08/69
Farrar Jeffrey W. Sp4 05C 08/69
Farrell Gene E. Sp4 05C 08/69
Farris Steven M. Sp5 05H 06/69
Fitzpatrick Terrence Sp4 63B 12/69
Forrest James M. PFC 52B 03/70
Freeman Jackson Sp4 05H 05/69
Gafarian Robert J. Sp4 05C 06/69
Gibson Steven M. PFC 05H 04/70
Gleason Steven C. Sp4 98G 11/69
Govier William M. J.Sp5 05D 11/69
Grau Arthur Sp5 76U left 05/26/69
Greer Phillip L. Sp4 98C 08/69
Gregory Anthony G. Sp5 98G?C? left 05/26/69
Greiner Thomas Sp4 05C 09/69
Gudanowski Leon Jr. Sp5 94B 11/69
Guth James B. Sp4 05H 07/69
Haines Duane A. Sp5 05C 09/69
Harrington Mark Sp5 76U 08/69
Hart Kent P. SGT 72B 09/69
Hartley Paul B. Sp5 98C 06/69
Hayes Eldon N. Sp5 05H 10/69
Heidman James A. Sp4 98G 06/69
Heil Carl Sp4 05H 06/69
Hentgen Robert J. Sp5 98C 06/69
Herigstad Mark A. PFC 05H 03/70
Hesselton Donald T. Sp4 05G 11/69
Hoagland Mark A. Sp5 31S 07/69
Howe Lewis E. Sp4 05H 10/69
Jenkerson William Sp4 05H 07/69
Johnson John H?L? SSG 05D 12/69
Keshock Gerald S. Sp4 05G 10/69
Kinnaird George Sp4 05H 07/69
Kline Joseph Jr. Sp5 98C 07/69
Kope Frederick C. SFC 96B 09/69
Lewis Jesse L. Sp4 05H 01/70
Lindamood Derwood Sp4 05D 10/69
Logue Joseph F. Sp4 96B 08/69
Lohff Don A. Sp5 31E 05/69
Longworth Timothy Sp4 31E 06/69
Lopez Jess C. Sp4 63B 12/69
Lundi Joel E. Sp4 05H 03/70
Maesato Gary T. Sp5 05H 12/69
Mallow Guy T. Sp4 05H 06/69
Manning Alfredk SSG 57G 64C 11/69
Manuel Nick Sp5 05c 05D 10/69
Marquart Doyle L. Sp5 05h 07/69
Marvel Rowland C. SFC 98C 05/69
McDonald Harold R. Sp4 98G 06/69
McKaig Julian W. SFC 63C 06/69
McKenna James J. Sp4 05C 05/69
Meyer Craig A. Sp6 98C 01/70
Miller Darrel E. Sp5 33D 06/69
Montgomery Joseph Sp4 05H 06/69
Mossman James R. Sp4 05H 04/70
Nozgo Robert A. Sp5 33C 08/69
Neely Paul A. Sp5 98C 08/69
Nelson Reginald Sp5 98G 08/69
Oneal Harry M. SSG 76Y 11/69
Ormsby Michael D. Sp5 98C 10/69
Osborne Kenneth J. Sp4 98G 06/69
Oshige Stephen S. Sp4 05C 03/70
Overton William L. SSG 72B 06/69
Palfrey Ronald G. Sp4 05H 06/70
Parry Mark T. Sp4 05H 06/69
Patton Stanley R. Sp4 05H 07/69
Pelletier Arthur SGT 05C 05/69
Peterson Douglas Sp4 05G 09/69
Pierce Richard D. SSG 98C 06/69
Poladian Robert J. Sp5 31S 06/69
Prenitt John D. Sp5 98C 10/69
Ramsay Charles Sp5 76Y 11/69
Raseman Kim M. Sp4 05H 06/69
Reincke Tom E. Sp4 05H 06/69
Rennie Russell A. Sp4 05H 06/69
Riebel William T. Sp4 05G 03/70
Riley Samuel D. Sp4 52B 10/69
Rinaldo Lawrence E. Sp5 31J 07/70
Robbins Robin L. Sp4 72B 09/69
Robbins Rodney D. Sp4 05H 07/69
Robertson Cameron Sp4 98G 06/69
Ropelewski David PFC 36K 04/70
Saffell William J. Sp4 05H 10/69
Sloan James A. Sp4 63c 01/70
Slowik Alan S. Sp5 98g 08/69
Smith Dennis E. Sp4 05h 07/69
Smith Milton W. Sp5 94b 09/69
Snyder Clyde Sp4 72b 06/69
Stagnolia Stanley Sp4 05h 06/69
Stancil Roger H. Sp6 94b 11/69
Steinmetz Eric M. Sp4 98c 10/69
Stillwell Donald R. SFC 94b 01/70
Stiriz Charles W. Sp5 31e 06/69
Stonicher Randy M. SGT 72b 10/69
Tate Jackie D. Sp4 05h 09/69
Taylor Hairm T. Sp4 05D 05/69
Taylor Douglas Sp4 98C 09/69
Thigpen Gary E. Sp5 63B 06/69
Thomas Charles E. Sp4 98G 01/70
Thompson William Sp4 72B 09/69
Tipton Ronald C. Sp4 31J 06/69
Tolotti Gary J. Sp5 05D 09/69
Trubenstein Charles SSG 98G 08/69
Turand Timothy N. Sp4 31E 05/69
Turner James M. Sp5 05H 01/70
Turner Melvin R. Sp4 05C 11/69
Varner Joe SFC 05H 07/69
Vybrenner Robert J. Sp5 98G 04/69
Wagdner James R. Sp4 05H 07/69
Wallace Kenneth P. Sp4 05G 12/69
Werthman Douglas Sp4 05C 05/69
West Jerry M. Sp4 05H 07/69
Whitaker Edward SSG 05G 06/69
White Richard C. Sp4 05C 08/69
Williams Milo M. Sp5 98G 06/69
Wilson Herbert A. Sp4 33E 12/69
Wilson Alan R. Sp4 05H 09/69
Wilson James R. Sp5 05H 11/69
Wingen John E. Sp4 05C 05/69
Winston Bradford Sp4 05H 07/69
Woodruff Raymond P. SGT 95B 11/69
Wright Billy G. Sp5 05G 05/69
Yates William R. Sp4 98C 09/69
Yoshida David V. T. Sp4 05G 12/69

OK...these last were list seperatly...with notation 7EM with EDLSA prior to 26 Apr 69 never dropped from MR ...and some other notation I can't read fuol about roster taken on 26 may...or not taken.......and some of these names are difficult to any help will be appreciated.

Last First Rank MOS DEROS
Brian John P. Sp4 41J20 02/70
Hargrove Richard A. Sp4 05D 11/69
Jadre or JJains Frank R. PFC 05D 03/70
Kenner Thomas G. Sp4 98G 06/69
Lewis Figier or Ehgier or Emgier Sp5 05G 10/69
McKinney Terry L. Sp4 05G 07/69
Sheppard Lloyd K. SGT 72B 01/70
Wilson David L. Sp4 05H 06/69

Just a few notes on the Roster I just sent...The copy I got from John/Larry Armstrong who is on this roster...aquired it from the St. Louis records site. The copy is not great so I may have some names or initials incorrect. If you notice any, let me know.

Also this may jog some of your memories of whom you served with...and may help in locating them. I know you all didn't serve during this time period but, may have passed some of these people on your way out- or in-country. Anyway it was fun typing this up and getting more aquainted with some of the personnel.

I now know who was responsible for that GREAT GREAT Thanksgiving dinner we had in 1969 at the mess hall at Dian. SFS Stillwell was in charge of the Mess that served it. Best meal I ever had in the army.

Mark Hergistad!!!! "Farquar"...this may have been a roster you had something to do with. A note on the cover sheet for this roster says none issued for the 1968 time period. This one starts in November of 1968 and through July 69. We do have the roster on the website for the Riley Group and may be getting more from other time periods.


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