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Big ASA 335th Radio Research Company
Photo's of Tay Ninh Temples
9th Infantry
Back Button Updated: 5 September 1999

Photo's courtesy of Richard Hargrove

The Black Virgin - This is one of the reasons we could not blow the Virgin away. She had religious significance to the People of the area. This Temple was about half-way up the mountain.

Halo statue - That's a joke, boy..I say, that's a joke.(HALO STATUE). This religious statue was much closer to the top.

The front tower is called, "NGHINH PHONG DAI-(Tower of Saker){that's the tower under the DRAGON Horse}. The back tower or,"BAW(?) QUA'I DA'I-(Octogonal Divine Palace of Maha. Manvantara). Anyway, during "great ceremonies, children's chorus are standing." (IN BOTH TOWERS) "The modulations of this invisible chorus (Divine Orchestra) mysteriously escape into the interior of the Great Temple through the lattices placed on the top of cupulas."

Now do you know more than you wanted to?

Tay Ninh Caodaism - This is the inside of the Temple. I'm sorry the picture is not better, but you were not suppose to use a flash inside the Temple {esp. during a ceremony}. Each step is a movement close to "God" as you advance in your prayer and learning and ... what ever ...
Page -1- of the Caodai manual has God's Message ...

"Formely, the peoples did not know one another and lacked means of transport: I then founded at different epochs, five branches of the Great Way: Confucianism, the Worship of Genii, Catholicism, Taoism, Buddhism, each based on the customs of the race called particalarly to apply them.
Nowadays, All parts of the world are explored: people knowing each other better, aspire to a real peace. But because of the very multiplicity of those religions, men do not live always in harmony one with another. That is why I decided to unite all those religions in once to bring them to the primordial unity.

Moreover, the Holy doctrine of those religions has been, through centuries, more and more denatured by those who have been charged to spread, up to couch a point that I have now firmly resolved to come Myself, to show you the WAY."
(Message transmitted on April 24, 1926)
Now you surely know more than you wanted to? {The above is type as it appears in the manual typos and all.}
OH! by the way ... Tay Ninh is the HOLY SEE OF TAY NINH.

Tay Ninh Caodaism. This is the "all seeing eye" at the end of the temple(on the HIGHEST PLANE a human can attain). Each item on the alter means something{we won't go into that now}.

All seeing eye globe. This is one of the only color pictures I have of the inside of the Temple {seems a girl(?) in Saigon saw the pictures and asked if she could have them...well you know easy me and besides, I have the negative around here somewhere.}. This is the side of the All Seeing Eye's globe. The inside of the Temple is full of bright colors (as you can see).