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(Who, What, Where and When)

--by Earl Schollenberger (Magoo) Copyright 1992 --

(Published in our weekly newspaper the day after Clinton's 1992 victory).

Who will rise from our ranks to lead our weary nation?
Who will face the challenge for our rejuvenation?
Who will have the strength of heart - the character and brains?
Who will guide us safely on a perilous path to change?

What's the use of trying, when our leaders never try?
What's the use of fighting wars where "leaders" never die?
What's the use of paying when our "leaders" "skim the cream"?
What's the use of dreaming ... "The Great American Dream"?

Where's their inspiration from the "birthright" of our land?
Where's their dedication for our trust placed in their hands?
Where's their deep compassion for our unemployed "blue collars"?
Where's their shame for "junkets" - "perks" and "laundered" dollars?

When will we find that leader in this time of urgent need?
When will we DEMAND relief from treason, crime and greed?
When will we view our "melting pot" as the ENVY of all nations?
When will we stop hating OURSELVES, and end discriminations?

Who will help our unemployed to regain our lead in work?
Who will punish criminals - instead of those they hurt?
Who will stop "white-collar" crime? Is there just ONE honest man . .
Who will NO LONGER sell our future to China or Japan?

What if we had a "third party" just for the ones "who foot the bill"!
What if we stopped paying taxes, and kicked "asses" off the "Hill"?
What if we stopped "breeding" lawyers, who shred our Constitution?
What if we ended "Medicine's" greed, and PAC Lobbyists" pollutiomn?

Where will our present course lead? To decline - or to anarchy?
Where will we point the finger of blame, at "them" or at you and me?
Where will we find excuses for ignoring these dangers we ALL see?
Where will we find absolution for OUR shameful legacy!?

When will it all come to a head, and how will we see it through?
When will we address our crisis today, as we did in World War II?
When will we fight "Economic War" with the skill we had in battle?
When will we halt our childrens' fate as future global "chattel"?

WHO will lead us with bravery?
WHAT will the sacrifices be?
WHERE will be find our old resolve?
WHEN will it BURST from you and me?

WHO will forge the vital tools?
WHAT will be OUR childrens' fate?
WHERE will WE confront OUR Vandals ...
WHEN they're RIGHT here at our Gate!

"Old Magoo"