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Big ASA 335th Radio Research Company
2003 Reunion Las Vegas
9th Infantry

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Updated: 2 March 2004

2003 Reunion -- Las Vegas


The New Frontier Hotel & Casino


REUNION July 17 - 20, 2003 - LAS VEGAS, NV


v03_01.jpg (18730 bytes) The layout for the podium area. On the table are 9th Infantry shirts and caps that were raffled off to members of the 335 and in the bags were travel kits that were raffled off to the guests.
v03_02.jpg (16154 bytes) Color guard in the cammies are from the 11th Armored Cavalry and on either side are sisters of Ron Palfrey, Sara (left), who is a Lt. Commander in the Navy ROTC and Robin (right), who is a Sergeant in the Marine ROTC. During the banquet, Ron referenced us as the "past," the men of the color guard the "present," and his sisters the"future." The ladies performed several functions during the banquet including escorting Command Sergeant Major Jimmy Johnson to the podium when he delivered the prayer.
v03_03.jpg (19067 bytes) Members of the 05Hs in attendance.
v03_04.jpg (26932 bytes) Some of the 335 attendees.
v03_05.jpg (18784 bytes) The wives, families and guests of the 335.
v03_06.jpg (32186 bytes) Some of the attendees (Ben Franklin/wife and daughter, Byron Beasley/wife, Jay Stern - standing)
v03_07.jpg (21626 bytes) Ron Palfrey during ceremonies. (The banquet hall was completely decorated for the event. The décor and table settings were in a red, white and blue theme as well as the overall decorations.)
v03_08.jpg (31613 bytes) Buffet line. An excellent layout offered by The Frontier, the "James Gang Buffet," was the feature meal.
v03_09.jpg (17627 bytes) Marc Robinson and Dave Steggerda holding one of the flags (2 were offered by Gary McElwee) that was raffled.
v03_10.jpg (18403 bytes) Marc Robinson clowning with one of the center pieces that were used as table decorations.
v03_11.jpg (32721 bytes) More attendees: Phil Rosenberg, Brian Dexter, Barry Rumple, et al.
v03_12.jpg (22683 bytes) A better look at some of the decorations. Other noted attendees: Bill Edwards, Gary McElwee, Larry Armstrong…
v03_13.jpg (19978 bytes) An honorable moment as Gary McElwee shares the real Gideon sent to him to share with attendees and to become part of our archives by the last CO of the 335.
v03_14.jpg (26539 bytes) A serious moment as Ron Palfrey reads "Food for Thought," a quick topic on the use of the word "war" prior to beginning the dinner. (In foreground left is John McCue, who won the 2003 Reunion Banner.)
v03_15.jpg (28899 bytes) Kim Raseman winning one of the raffled 9th hats.