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Big ASA 335th Radio Research Company
1999 Reunion Information
9th Infantry

Back Button Updated: 29 August 1999

Reunion Update

We successfully had our first ever reunion June 1999 at the Drawbridge Estate in Covington, Kentucky. A "get reacquainted" was had by all and all "years" were represented.

The guest roster had over a 100 names in attendance. Some notables during the Reunion:

Maj Givler's attendance
Pvt Decker's usual outrageousness
Dave Steggerda's slide show
Ron Palfrey's 9th Infantry tattoo
Dennis Barr's daughters and his stories
Dennis Newbill's prayer before dinner
David McCrork winning the raffled 335th Reunion Banner
Leslie Holcomb winning the American Flag that flew at the White House.

Ramrodding this premiere event goes to Marc Robinson and Jim and Susan Mossman, whose tireless efforts did not go unnoticed. A special thanks to Ron Palfrey for his design of the invitation for this first ever event, the Reunion Banner and graphics.

We take this opportunity to thank Maj. Givler, Charles Moore, Robin Robbins, JR Niewender, Randy Stonicher (who was unable to attend), Tom Knepp, and Pvt Decker for their monetary contributions that helped find the missing and all those who sent in their old orders.

Last, but not least, Larry Rinaldo, for mailing the invitations and who's memory was singularly instrumental in getting this all together.

The Reunion was a monetary success, generating over $360 toward our next reunion, which has been proposed for Washington, D.C., in 2001.

Hope to see all of you at our next one!

Reunion Collage